New urban bus service could start in Costa Blanca city in Spain before year’s end

DENIA council has approved plans for a new urban bus network consisting of four routes that could start running as soon as the end of the year.

Finance Councillor, Paco Rosello, described it as an ‘ambitious’ plan and though having an urban bus network is mandatory for cities of over 50,000 residents, Denia is pushing ahead despite not yet reaching that population landmark.

“We expect a population growth over the next few years linked to the new urban centre as well as a rise in areas like La Xara or Jesus Pobre,” he added.

The four routes will include the current lines to Les Rotes and Les Marines, which may run more frequently and possibly include additional stops.

One of the new routes will be a circular service connecting all of Denia’s neighbourhoods and linking up with stops on the existing lines.

The other new service will link the city with Denia Hospital and La Xara, and will also link to the proposed circular line.

Around €500,000 will be allocated for the contract to manage the service, which will go out for tender in September, with an award made between October and November.

It means in theory that the new routes could be running by the end of the year or early in 2024.

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