Nursing home scandal: 10 workers are arrested for reckless homicide after ‘covering up how resident died in a car park’ in Spain’s Murcia

TWELVE workers at a Murcia nursing home are being investigated over the death of a resident after her family received anonymous letters that she didn’t not die naturally.

The letter from an employee claimed that management at the San Isidro de Yecla home threatened staff so that the ‘true cause’ of death did not come to light.

“Do not let this fall on deaf ears, they must not get away with this atrocity they have committed,” the female whistle-blower stated.

The Guardia Civil are probing the dozen home workers with 10 of them facing reckless homicide charges and two employees for covering-up a crime.

The woman at the Yecla home disappeared from her room late at night in September 2022 and was found dead several hours later in the car park.

Though it was certified that she died of natural causes, the Guardia are trying to clarify where she passed away and whether the home’s negligence contributed to her death.

Statements from employees showed certain inconsistencies over what happened on that fateful night over a year ago.

She was found to have disappeared at around midnight and staff allegedly spent several hours searching for her until she was found deceased in the centre’s parking lot.

The anonymous worker said in the letter that the woman suffered a fall after going out with her walking frame to the car park.

The whistle-blower criticised one of the night-shift staff for not doing her job properly in checking that all residents were in bed.

Officers learnt that the woman’s body was taken back to her room and cleaned up, before notifying emergency services and not telling her family what had really happened.


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