Obsessed restaurant customer sexually assaults waitress on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ELCHE POLICIA LOCAL have arrested a 47-year-old man after he spent ten days harassing a waitress at an Arenales del Sol restaurant, which included sexual assaults on the woman.

Officers were called to the premises on Avenida Bartolome de Tirajana after an eye-witness saw the customer sexually assaulting and harassing the worker.

Witnesses told the police that the man used obscene phrases towards the waitress, touched her buttocks and offered her cocaine.

The victim confirmed that she had to put up with the customer’s behaviour for ten days which was always the same.

The first time he went to the restaurant, he asked for her phone number and even invited her to go to the bathroom to snort some cocaine.

In later days, he insisted on having sex and started to touch her inappropriately.

She was scared of bumping into the person outside of work, so her boss accompanied her to the bus stop to make sure she got home safely.

The arrested man denied behaving inappropriately towards the waitress but acknowledged that he liked her.

Police discovered he was in possession of a gram of cocaine.


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