Olive Press January Winter Sale: 50% off subscriptions

WHAT’S going on in politics today? What are the latest law changes affecting expats? What are the travel trends for 2024 and where should I invest in property?

If you’re not a subscriber to the Olive Press, then your answer to any of the above will likely be: ‘No idea!’

As the best English newspaper in Spain, only at theolivepress.es will you find an enjoyable mix of important news, exclusive investigations and articles that help answer all sorts of questions surrounding life in the country.

That includes money-saving tips and tricks you simply cannot afford to be without.

And for our paying subscribers, weekly tailored newsletters will keep you informed of the latest travel, health and property issues.

Meanwhile all of them get a daily round-up of around 20 stories of the day.

Now, from this weekend a personalised missive from our digital editor will keep you in the loop about the biggest stories of the week… and what to keep an eye on!

You’ll even be able to make suggestions of what we should be following.

When we first introduced a paywall three years ago, many of our rivals were sceptical and refused to accept the rapidly-changing news landscape.

But as you may have noticed, almost everyone has now followed suit with their own subscription service.

While most merely offer translated stories from their Spanish counterparts, plus a few columnists, the Olive Press offers so much more.

But we know purse strings are tighter than ever in January, which is why we are launching an END OF JANUARY WINTER BLUES SALE TODAY with an incredible 50% off the first year of your subscription.

And signing up could not be easier, with Apple Pay, GPay and PayPal all now available.

The winter sale will end on February 1, so sign up for the bargain price while you can!

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