Olive Press subscription deal: Get three months for the price of one – then for less than €1.25 a week… as new website sees visitor numbers soar

THE Olive Press website has seen visitor numbers more than DOUBLE since launching a brand new look. 

After months of arduous planning, www.theolivepress.es entered a new era at the weekend. 

In just four days, our ambitious relaunch has had hundreds of new registrations, while subscribers are flooding in from around the world – including the US and Australia. 

More engaging and geared towards a younger audience, the new design was sorely needed after almost a decade without major changes.

We are sure the hundreds of thousands of new readers we are now bringing to the site each month are enjoying it. 

“It was really important for us to have a website that reflects the high quality and exclusive content we produce on a daily basis – and we finally have it,” explains editor Jon Clarke.

“I’m very proud of the changes and I am confident this will usher in a new era for theolivepress.es.”

As well as overhauling our paywall, we have made the pricing simpler and more competitive.

As part of the relaunch readers can subscribe for just €4.99 per month – or €1.25 a week – which is less than the price of a coffee or caña! 

And for a limited time only, you can get the first three months for the price of one. 

Our subscribers have advert-free access to all of our online articles, weekly newsletters covering travel, health and property and regular personal missives from the digital editor.

In addition, you get exclusive access to all the e-editions of our six fortnightly printed newspapers – now including our new one in GERMAN.

The OP was the first English-language newspaper in Spain to launch a paywall, a decision many in the industry thought unwise. 

But you will now notice that every other respectable competitor has followed suit. 

“It was really important for us to have a website that reflects the high quality and exclusive content we produce on a daily basis – and we finally have it,” said editor Jon Clarke (pictured left, with renowned Spanish chef Dani Garcia)

Unfortunately for them, they pale in comparison to the content we produce, thanks to our dozen-plus journalists and writers. 

Only the Olive Press is offering numerous exclusives every week, sending NCTJ-trained journalists out to investigate stories across the country. 

This month that has included two reports on anti-tourism movements in Tenerife, the killing of an American expat in Malaga and live court coverage of the explosive McGrail inquiry in Gibraltar. 

We have also been in Madrid, Benidorm, Sevilla and Murcia covering stories, as well as regular trips to Germany, covering the sensational trial of Madeleine McCann suspect Christian Brueckner, given the many links to Spain and Portugal.

As well as incisive up-to-date news on health and the property market, we produce dozens of our own travel stories, features and reviews each month, taking us to the known and, more importantly, lesser-known destinations around Spain. 

Is it any wonder that over the past week alone we have been followed up by almost every national newspaper in the UK, including The Times, Daily Mail, Sun, Express, Metro and Mirror. 

We also got an in-depth feature on ITV, as well as frequent articles on GB News.

It means the Olive Press website is, without a doubt, the number one source of news in English in Spain. 

While some sites will claim to have more stories – and all of them free – the Olive Press is about curating the news and breaking the news.

So when you’re deciding which online paper to subscribe to, there really is no better option! 

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