OPEN WIDE! Benidorm vets in Spain solve mouth infection causing eye problem for giant python

A team of vets have solved eye sight issues affecting a giant Indian python snake at Benidorm’s Terra Natura.

Valencia is a 14-year-old python weighing 29 kilos and comes in at over 3.5 meters long.

Vets examined him and worked out that his problems were being caused by a mouth infection.

Getting him into the clinic was not straight forward with five people having to carry him in.

Valencia On Table

Once Valencia was given some anaesthetic, a drain removed part of the pus that caused the infection.

He then received some ointment and antibiotics.

Eye Operation

The Indian python has a powerful mouth with nearly a hundred teeth.

A bite is dangerous simply because there are numerous bacteria in the mouth that can generate infections but its venom is not poisonous.

Valencia arrived in Benidorm in 2014 and is making a full recovery after his treatment.

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