Outrage as airline passengers are STILL waiting for their luggage after landing in Gibraltar from London at the weekend

PASSENGERS flying from London Heathrow to Gibraltar over the weekend have reported their luggage got lost in transit, putting their Christmas in peril.

British Airways said it is working to return the lugga ge to passengers who arrived on the Rock from Saturday to Monday.

The airline told GBC that a ‘small number’ of people were affected by the lost luggage, causing local residents alarm.

Many of the plane users had flown to London to buy Christmas presents.

Gibraltar Airport British Airways e
Gibraltar Airport (Stock image)

But now they are wondering if they ever will get them in time for Christmas Day, stressing them out before the festive period.

One of the passengers, George Neal, told the national broadcaster he had been waiting for days already to get his luggage back.

“I got through security and then I was waiting in line from my bag but it never showed up,” Neal told GBC.

“I think there were 30 plus bags that were missing from the flight.”

He said it was ‘quite an inconvenience’ because he was ‘worried’ about his belongings.

He blamed Heathrow airport and branded the airport’s system ‘not very good’ after calling the BA office there on several occasions.

British Airways told The Olive Press: “We’ve apologised to a small number of customers whose bags were delayed and our teams are working to reunite them with their bags as quickly as possible.”

It added that it will send lost bags directly to customers at their home addresses.


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