Over a third of a BILLION euros lost in business between UK and Spain during Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit trade slump

SINCE the first of 2019, the value of Spanish exports to the UK has dropped £200 million, according to the UK Food & Drink Exporters Association.

And with imports from the UK dropping by over £28 million, this equates to almost 365 million euros of business lost between the first half of 2019 and the same period in 2021.

Indeed, trade coming from the UK to Spain suffered the biggest percentage drop in the entire EU, with almost 54% less goods arriving from UK shores, according to the FDEA.

Post Brexit Exports 2

Trade with Italy has dropped over 50% (£140.3 million) with German trade dropping by 49% (£352.9 million).

All but three countries on the continent (Latvia, Hungary and Lithuania) have seen a drop in UK imports, as the consequences of Boris Johnson’s Brexit “deal” take hold.

From this year’s January 1, when Brexit effectively started, thousands of British companies have struggled with the additional paperwork and administrative costs resulting from the UK becoming a second country.

Importers and exporters are now required to itemise their products for trading standards, customs and health reasons before entry to the EU market.

John Whitehead, FDEA director, said: “There is growing evidence that the complexity of trading with the EU has led to businesses moving operations into Europe and of importers looking for alternative suppliers, contributing to the ongoing decline in both UK exports and UK jobs.”

New tax checks are set to be introduced on October 1, and further food checks are expected  on January 1, 2022.

Download Summary report produced by the FDF in partnership with FDEA  – click here (pdf)

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