‘Panic and screaming’ on flight delayed two hours from Spain’s Ibiza to Manchester

PASSENGERS travelling on a flight from Ibiza to Manchester reportedly panicked over a ‘funny smell’ onboard.

The Jet2 flight was delayed for over two hours due to a ‘technical fault’ and passengers had been left sat on the runway while engineers attended to the plane.

However, the Manchester Evening News reported that some people at the back of the plane said to flight attendants that they smelt a strange smell and could feel heat coming through the aircraft walls.

This caused some passengers to scream with one woman having a panic attack and another demanding to be let off the plane.

The flight eventually took off over two hours after it was due to take-off with all of its passengers onboard.

In a statement released after the plane touched down in Manchester the airline said:

“Flight LS170 was delayed earlier today after some routine checks, as well as the aircraft having to return to stand shortly after push back due to a nervous customer onboard.

“The flight subsequently took off and landed at Manchester Airport as normal.”

It comes as a 12-year-old autistic boy flying home from a holiday in Valencia was left ‘petrified’ after being forced to take a COVID-19 test upon boarding his Ryanair flight. 

The airline were forced to make a public apology after making the child take the test despite his parents showing proof that he was medically exempt. 


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