Party’s over: Illegal six-day mega-rave attended by scores of expats in southern Spain finally comes to an end after police intervention

A MEGA-RAVE scheduled to last seven days shut down a day early, as its partygoers simply ran out of steam.

Party goers celebrated the New Year with an illegal rave @eleroldann/TikTok

It comes after laid back local residents and even regional politicians encouraged the illegal gathering, called ‘Big F**cking Party’.

Taking place in a deserted area of semi-desert in inland Murcia, some 8,000 people headed to the bash at its peak.

Comprising thousands of expats and tourists, many from France, Italy and Germany, it took place on a former racetrack, near Fuente Alamo.

Kicking off on December 30, the illegal rave started when a group of anonymous organizers broke through a chain onto the course.

The same group, who organized a similar rave in La Peza, near Granada, last year, set up stages, speakers and food stalls.

Soon dozens of stands had also been erected selling t-shirts and other items.

While regional Vox politician Jose Angel Antelo slammed the party, insisting police should immediately close it down, local residents insisted they ‘didn’t mind’.

“As long as they don’t leave loads of rubbish it’s fine with me,” a Fuente Alamo farmer told El Pais.

They were supported by Podemos spokesman, Victor Egio, who attended the event, insisting the group come back next new year.

It finally came to a stop on January 5, a day after the Guardia Civil issued an eviction notice and started blocking anyone leaving without a alcohol and drugs test.

Some 57 people were fined for drug driving, 14 for dangerous driving and 92 for drug possession.


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