Pedro Sanchez says Spain’s creating ‘quality jobs’ as unemployment tumbles in 17-year record fall

SPAIN created 782,232 new jobs in 2021 in the biggest annual fall in registered jobless since 1995.

December’s figures from the Labour Ministry saw 76,782 people find work, to produce the lowest December unemployment total in 14 years.

There are now 3.1 million people out of work in Spain, after ten consecutive months of falling jobless figures.

Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, said: “These figures once again reflect the progress that Spain is making in its economic recovery.”

“We are working to combat the precarious situation and to continue creating quality jobs.”

Youth unemployment and people on temporary contracts are the main issues in the 3.1 million overall jobless total.

Spain, along with Greece, still has one of the highest unemployment percentage figures in the European Union.

Nevertheless, it has climbed back from the low of Spring 2019 when the COVID pandemic struck and restrictions forced almost a million jobs to be lost.


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