Pervert filmed videos of women inside changing rooms and toilets at Costa Blanca shopping centre in Spain

A 34-year-old man has been arrested for recording videos of women in changing rooms and toilets at an Alicante shopping centre.

A victim complained to the Policia Nacional that she was changing in a female locker room at a shop when she spotted a mobile phone poking round the door focusing directly on her.

She could not see the man but told security guards what happened before going to the police.

Officers sifted through security camera footage and spotted a man hovering around outside the women’s changing room area.

After checking there was no body else around him, he went inside, and was spotted a minute later exiting with a mobile phone in his hand.

They also matched him to videos of people entering and exiting the store.

He was identified and arrested with various videos found on his phone of women using bathrooms at the same shopping centre.

The footage was recorded by the man raising his phone over the top of toilet cubicle doors.

The police are now trying to put together a list of victims who had their rights to privacy violated.

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