Pique’s parents desperate for Shakira to leave Spain – and take their grandkids with her

Former Barca star Gerard Pique’s parents can’t wait for Colombian pop star – and the mother of their grandchildren – Shakira to up sticks and leave Spain.

Joan Pique and Montserrat Bernabeu have reportedly asked Shakira to leave the country sooner than originally planned as the separation becomes increasingly toxic and carried out in the public eye.

It is the latest salvo in the fallout between Spain’s former golden couple which has seen barbed lyrics in Shakira’s songs blaming Pique for leaving her with his ‘mother as my neighbour’.

Now Pique’s mother wants rid of Shakira so badly even if it means that her own grandchildren leave the country too amid plans for them to relocate to Miami.

Shakira and Piqué
Shakira is likely to leave Spain for the USA, and has the blessings of Pique’s parents. Shakira and Piqué at the David Cup tennis tournament in 2019.

Reports suggest that Shakira plans to leave for the US on April 1 to take advantage of the school holidays. 

Despite being upset about the children leaving with her, Joan and Montserrat believe that the situation has become untenable and the move is the best solution for everyone involved.

Journalist Sandra Aladro said that Joan and Montserrat ‘have made up their minds’ about Shakira leaving with kids, Sasha and Milan.

“It is clear to them that this is going to happen and they have the capacity to travel to Miami to see the children,” she said of Pique’s parents.

“The tension is such that they believe that the best remedy is that the sooner the move occurs the better for everyone… now the children are in a very bad situation,” she continued.

“They will miss little Milan and Sasha, but the situation is untenable. Everyone knows it,” the journalist is reported to have said.


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