Plucky Frenchwoman wages campaign to bring ‘original version’ movies to Spain’s Ronda – ‘pour amour’

RONDA’S main cinema is set to show its first ever ‘original version’ movie without dubbing this week, thanks to one expat resident – and loving wife.

On Thursday, October 26, film lovers at the Multicines Ronda will be able to watch and hear Oscar winners Leonardo Di Caprio and Robert De Niro acting and speaking in their own voices.

For the first time, the cinema has agreed to put on a film with subtitles instead of dubbing, showing Martin Scorcese’s new Oscar-bait film ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’. 

delphine duboy, ronda, cinema
Delphine Duboy with husband Fernando standing in front of the iconic El Tajo gorge in Ronda

Widely regarded as the most august director working today, Scorcese will bring his usual A-list cast to the big screen, including not just Di Caprio and de Niro but also breakthrough actress Lily Gladstone.

The rare treat is due to the good work of French immigrant Delphine Duboy, 54, who wanted her cinefile husband to be able to enjoy watching films in the cinema ‘as they should be’ once again.

killers of the flower moon
Scorcese’s new movie – with it’s Spanish film titles – can be seen in original version in the Ronda Multicines on Thursday 26

The former advertising executive moved to Ronda with her Spanish husband Fernando and two children during the pandemic.

“We used to go to the cinema all the time and watch films in their original language with subtitles,” Delphine told the Olive Press.

“But since we came here, we have only been to the cinema twice, to watch Spanish films which obviously are not dubbed.”

“In Ronda, original version films don’t exist, and you have to drive over an hour to the coast to find a cinema that shows them.

“So this little idea I had was something I thought I could do for my husband. And my English friends, of course.”

An estimated 10% of Ronda’s 35,000 inhabitants are thought to be expats, although in reality the number could be much higher.

Delphine also hopes to introduce the local Spanish residents to the ‘power’ and ‘authenticity’ of original version cinema.

Thursday’s inaugural showing is at 20.15. If it is a success, it is planned that Multicines Ronda will put on an ‘original version’ night once a month.


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