Police arrest 19 people allegedly linked to ‘well-known’ drug trafficking clan

Police have arrested 19 people in Malaga who are allegedly a part of a ‘well-known drug-trafficking clan’. 

The group can also allegedly be linked to a robbery at a jewelry store in Malaga where €95,000 of jewels were stolen. 

Officers raided a dozen homes in La Trinidad in Malaga and Portada Alta, seizing a rifle, pistols, a silencer, ammunition, a sword and 50 grams of cocaine. 

Two of the arrested men who allegedly used a large knife to rob a jewelry store on Calle Marmoles sparked police to investigate the clan which was ‘well-known’ in the La Trinidad neighbourhood. 

After officers arrested the first man, police carried out another search in the home of the second man who tried to flee through a window. 

A third person in the home also tried to flee and fell from the third floor – he spent three months in ICU in hospital. 

“In the course of the investigations the agents found evidence that the plot would also be dedicated to drug trafficking and the illegal possession of weapons,” police said. 

“The network revolved around the patriarch of a clan, whose members used minors in the drug trade.”

Fifteen men and four women were arrested, including two minors for their alleged roles in robberies, drug trafficking, possession of illegal weapons and belonging to a criminal organisation.


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