Police bust gang of violent robbers that smashed their way into 50 upmarket rural homes in Spain’s Andalucia

POLICE in Spain’s Andalucia arrested eight gang members from a gang that carried out violent robberies and burglaries at around 50 properties in Malaga province.

Guardia Civil agents raided seven addresses in the cities of Benalmadena, Nerja and Torrox and found weapons and stolen luxury goods.

During the investigation, the police also discovered a hashish and weed dealing business run by the same gang leader.

Primary investigations started after victims started reporting the thefts of property throughout the province.

As part of ‘Peak Rural’ case, police officers soon found out the well-organised criminals had various legal shops which they ran while carrying out the robberies.

The gang would first scout out luxury homes in isolated areas and in suburban estates to find out the routines of their owners.

Victims told police how they would then force their way into the homes through windows and doors.

They would often carry out the attacks when they residents were at home, threatening them to get access to safes and locked away jewels.

The gang also burgled some homes when residents were absent, the Guardia Civil said in a statement.

Agents found stolen cash, valuable items like jewels, watches and electrical appliances like cameras, tablets and telephones during their raids.

They also found a fake gun, a taser, pepper spray and machetes at the addresses.

The two selling points for hashish and marijuana in Nerja were equipped with weights and cutting material, the statement read.


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