Police catch child gang stealing electric scooters in Spain’s Benidorm

A GANG of child thieves have been arrested for stealing electric scooters parked close to a Benidorm sports centre.

Police received reports from scooter owners that their vehicles had been stolen when they were inside the centre.

The thefts happened despite appropriate security measures being taken but the young gang outwitted them.

Security cameras showed the youths acting in a co-ordinated manner with some acting as look-outs while others used a large shear-type tool to break security locks before fleeing with the scooter.

The Policia Nacional launched a surveillance operation outside the sports centre to catch the perpetrators in the act, and collared three of them- all minors.

Three scooters were recovered in their possession and two more were found in a Benidorm pawn shop.

The recovered items were worth over €1,200,

Eight youths have been arrested with police believing they were behind at least ten thefts.

The Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office is now handling the matter.


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