Police hunt down crazed man who drove passenger on the ROOF of his car in Malaga on Spain’s Costa del Sol

SHOCKED social media users couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched a teen cling to the roof of the car as it sped through the streets of Malaga.

Footage shot on a phone and shared on Instagram showed the mystery driver racing recklessly through the city’s streets with the minor on top of his car. 

The video quickly became of interest to the local police and cyber officers were able to track down the dangerous driver. 

The 20-year-old driver faces charges for driving with a person on the roof,  where there was ‘a serious danger to his life in the event of a fall caused by an accident due to loss of control of the vehicle or the need to brake in an emergency’.

A total of four videos were uploaded to the social media site by the driver himself, with one clip showing the 20-year-old driving on a two-lane road, with a warning sign for roadworks visible, before reaching a speed of 187 kilometres per hour.


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