Police on Spain’s Costa Blanca say rising bogus crime reports are conning banks and insurance companies out of money

POLICE say that fake crime reports are increasing in Alicante Province after an Orihuela man was arrested after claiming to be an online scam victim.

The man, 43, falsely complained that somebody used his credit card details to subscribe to an online gaming website.

The Policia Nacional say they will arrest anybody who comes to them with a bogus crime report.

Most of the the fake complaints are about online scams to get refunds out of banks and insurance companies.

Another popular bogus crime involves the theft of ‘high-end’ mobile phones

The police made it clear that any made-up complaints will lead to arrest and prosecution.

The latest incident saw the Orihuela man get some of his alleged losses refunded by his bank.

He then used the money to gamble on the same lottery website.

The man was detained after a police probe uncovered that he made the story up.

He was charged with fraud and falsely reporting a crime.

Specialist cybercrime officers discovered that he signed a contract to use the gambling portal which included a full agreement to its terms and conditions.

Image Credit: Cordon Press

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