Police rescue toddler found living among rubbish with squatter mum in Spain’s Malaga

A 13-month-old baby has been rescued by the police in Malaga after being found living in extreme squalor.

The young child was found living in an abandoned house that had no electricity or plumbing, next to squatters, and surrounded by objects that the mother, with Diogenes syndrome, accumulated from nearby rubbish dumps.

According to official sources, the child, exposed to serious health risks due to her environment, was rescued by police last Saturday, February 4, in Malaga city.

The child has since been placed in one of the Junta’s protection centres, until a foster family is found to take charge of the infant’s temporary care.

All parental rights of custody, exercised by the mother, have been suspended.

Additionally, the mother is being investigated for failing in her duty to care for the child, although she has not been arrested.


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