Police seize 322 kg of cocaine hidden between popcorn bags in Algeciras (Cadiz)

A TOTAL of 322 kg of cocaine hidden between popcorn bags inside a container have been seized at Algeciras Port (Cadiz). 

Policia Nacional were notified of the imminent arrival of goods declared as popcorn bags that were probably ‘contaminated’ with cocaine.

Agents located a container from Brazil that was heading to Oran (Algeria) during its stop-over in the Spanish port. 

Four bags that differed from the rest of the shipment were found inside, with the content of these being identified as cocaine. 

Popcorn Annd Cocaine Story Photo 1
12 bags of cocaine were seized in total. Photo by Policia Nacional

Officers continued the search and discovered 12 more sacks of the substance outside the container terminal. 

The total weight of the 16 bags seized was 322 kg. 

“The investigation remains open and arrests have not been made yet,” a police spokesman told the Olive Press

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