Popstar Shakira attacked by wild boars in Barcelona park

Singer Shakira was attacked by a pair of marauding wild boars who snatched her bag while she was walking with her son in a park in Barcelona on Wednesday.

The hairy hogs ambushed her and made off with her handbag, before trying to escape with it into the woods

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Shakira let her fans know with an Instagram story. 

Holding up her bag that was now in tatters she said “look at how two wild boar that attacked me in the park have left my bag”. 

The singer, who is married to Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique, explained: “They were taking my bag to the woods with my mobile phone in it’. 

The 44-year-old Columbian claims she ‘stood up to the wild boar’ to snatch back her bag but unfortunately they still ‘destroyed everything’.

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Unfortunately she isn’t the first victim of a boar attack, as the pests have managed to overwhelm Barcelona in the past few years. 

City police reported receiving over 1,100 calls regarding wild boar attacks in one year alone with incidents including harming dogs, causing traffic jams, and charging into cars.

In recent years boars have moved from rural environments to urban areas enticed by an easy meal with a raid on rubbish bins or trash discarded in the streets.

Their numbers have surged in recent years, with the latest estimates putting the total amount above 10 million in Europe.


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