PP politician resigns in Andalucia after posting sex ad in revenge against divorce lawyer

A LOCAL rightwing politician in Andalucia has been forced to resign after it emerged she posted personal ads offering gay sex in the name of her ex-husband’s lawyer in what appears to be an act of revenge.

Laura Ruiz Gutierrez,39, who served on the local council in Algeciras for the Popular Party handed in her resignation after being sentenced to 21 months in prison for three crimes against the lawyer Jesus Trujillo.

She was found guilty of breaching privacy, moral integrity and coercion for the publication of an advertisement with words of sexual nature directed against Trujillo.

The lawyer insisted he had never had a personal relationship with Ruiz, but “had acted as a lawyer representing her ex-partner in criminal complaints related to gender violence which have been won by his client’.

Laura Ruiz
Laura Ruiz, Ayuntamiento of Algeciras.

Police traced her as the person behind an advertisement published on August 9, 2017, which contained the name, telephone number and e-mail address of Trujillo.

“Man looks for men for occasional sex: I’m looking for a guy for occasional sex. You won’t regret it. I don’t charge or pay” said the advert on Milanuncios, which at the time had 4,000 views.

As a result of the advert, Trujillo was bombarded with messages and calls requesting his sexual services, which continued from when it was posted until October 2017. 

Police traced the origin of the advert to an IP address at the home of Ruiz and believe her motive was one of revenge against her ex-husband’s lawyer after an acrimonious divorce.


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