Predator, 45, ‘sexually abuses Ukrainian children’ in Spain ‘after taking in their families’ following Russia’s invasion

A 45-year-old Ukrainian has been arrested for alleged sexual assaults on Ukraine refugee children in Cartagena, Murcia.

He was detained in Catalunya as he planned to flee the country, with police seizing a pair of sunglasses that incorporated a hidden camera.

The youngsters that he had contact with were aged under 12 years and included two brothers as well as two girls.

Inquiries started in late September when a Ukrainian woman told a Cartagena association- that helped displaced people and refugees- about a compatriot living in the same building who she believed was sexually assaulting her two children.

Helped by association members, the mother went to the Guardia Civil barracks in Cartagena to report what had happened.

The mother told officers that the suspect had gained her trust and that of the children, with whom he used to play, and took advantage of when he was alone with them to touch them in inappropriate areas.

Once the woman found out what was going on, she spoke to other Ukrainian mothers who also filed two complaints to the Guardia about several sexual assaults on their children involving the same individual.

Officers found the man had links with the Lleida municipality of La Seu d’Urgell in Catalunya, where he had fled, and had every intention of getting out of Spain.

He was arrested in La Seu and the Guardia seized sunglasses that had an integrated hidden camera within them, as well as four mobile phones- the contents of which are being analysed.

He was jailed by a La Seu d’Urgell court as inquiries continue and authorities are not ruling out that more complaints will be filed against him by parents.

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