RAT-A-PHEWEE!: Man bites into rat’s head lurking in the veg while dining in southern Spain

A MAN in Malaga tucking into a meal of beans and potatoes noticed something wrong when one mouthful seemed a bit too crunchy for veg.

Juan Jose DM from Malaga spat out the offending morsel only to find it was a rat’s head that had apparently been lurking in a bag of frozen vegetables. 

Juan – who does not want his full name disclosed – has now lodged a complaint with Carrefour supermarket where his wife had bought the offending veg, and informed the Consumer Affairs Department of the Junta de Andalucia. 

Juan claims that he had picked up a bag of frozen beans and potatoes that his wife had bought three days earlier, read the cooking instructions and poured the contents into a saucepan. “I noticed a slightly darker piece, but I thought it might be an artichoke that had got mixed in by accident,” he said. 

Thinking nothing more of it, he took a spoonful, but soon noticed something strange – it was hard and crunchy.

The rat head was crunchy. Photo: Jose DM

Speaking to El Confidencial, he said: “I spat it out. At first I didn’t know what it was, but when I turned it over I saw the two eyes looking at me, and the whiskers. I got up and went to vomit.”

It was the head of a rat with a perfect cut on its neck.

“It is the most disgusting thing that has ever happened to me in my life”, said Juan, who has decided to report his unpleasant discovery to the Consumer Service of the Andalusian Regional Government after lodging a complaint with the Customer Service Department of Carrefour. 

“I still can’t face eating anything. Since then I have been on herbal teas and yoghurt”, he said.

He added: “Apart from being unhygienic, it could have been dangerous. I reacted and spat it out, but a child could have choked.”

These events occurred on Monday and that same afternoon Juan went to the supermarket in the shopping centre in Rincon de la Victoria where his wife bought the bag of frozen food on Christmas Eve. He went to the Customer Service Department and explained what had happened to him. “The employee who attended to me couldn’t believe it, she didn’t even want to see the photos I had taken with my phone. She didn’t even want to see the head, which I had wrapped in a napkin.

Finally, he called a supervisor, who ‘initially didn’t believe what I was telling him’ , so ‘I took the head out and put it on the counter.

“He told me that someone from the company would call me back”.


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