Renfe hacks: The many ways you can make BIG savings on high-speed train travel across Spain – and even into France

TRAVELLING by train across Spain is, for many, a much preferred option compared to flying. 

But while prices have been falling in recent months, flights are often still a lot cheaper. 

However many do not know that there are lots of ways travellers can obtain discounts on services like Renfe, the country’s state-sponsored railway service. 

Below the Olive Press outlines the best ways to knock down the price of cross-country tickets with Renfe. 

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Tarjeta Dorada, ages 60+

If you are over 60, you can easily apply for a so-called Tarjeta Dorada, which grants you a 25% discount on most Renfe services. 

And if you get the card and buy a ticket before January 28, you will receive an incredible 30% discount. 

The card costs just €6 per year but is well worth the money, offering a 25% discount on all services across the country and even between Spain and France.

And for tickets on Saturday and Sunday services within Spain, the discount climbs to 40%. 

Holders of the Dorada card will also get 40% discount on all medium-length journeys. 

Anyone over 60 can apply for the card, they will just need a DNI, NIE or passport number. 

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Mas Renfe Joven, ages 18-25

It is not just the older clientele that are offered discounts, with the Mas Renfe Joven programme reducing the price for 18-25 years olds by up to 30%. 

Those who sign up to the programme will receive 30% off tickets on long distance routes across Spain and into France, and a 25% discount on Avant, and medium-distance journeys. 

It is more expensive than the Dorada option, coming in at €50. 

If you don’t fancy coughing up that much, you can apply for a youth card with the autonomous community where you live and enjoy 20% off all Renfe services – bar long distance and international routes, for which you’ll receive a 5% discount. 

Child discounts

Currently, all children under the age of three travel FREE on all Renfe services – as long as they do not take up a seat. 

Meanwhile, all kids under 14 enjoy a 40% discount on all Renfe services, and they must be accompanied by an adult. 

Renfe also has a points-based loyalty programme

Points programmes 

Renfe offers a number of loyalty programmes which allow you to collect points on a special Renfe card. 

There are four different membership levels, with the type and number of rewards increasing with each level – including discounts, upgrades and more. Find out more about the programmes here

Other ways to secure a discount on Renfe services

Group travel: If there are between four and nine travellers in a group, you can enjoy an up to 8% discount on the total price of the tickets on Ave, Ave International, Long Distance and Spain-France services. 

Large family: Large families can apply for a discount of up to 20% on the total price, although there are certain conditions which are explained in full on the Renfe website. 

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