Renfe trains in Spain’s Valencia region suffer too many disruptions, says consumer rights group

THE FACUA consumer association has called on the Ministry of Transport to stop ‘constant’ disruption to Cercanias train services in the Valencian Community.

The group says it has received complaints for months from angry travellers over problems on local routes.

The latest incident saw Cercanias Renfe services severely disrupted due to an incident on Tuesday where signal failures at two stations in Valencia forced the suspension of a dozen Cercanias trains on the Castellon line as well as four medium and long distance trains.

Renfe confirmed problems affected the services between Valencia and Alicante, Valencia to Alcazar de San Juan, Valencia to Albacete as well long distance trains to and from Alicante.

FACUA referred to ‘irregularities’ in recent months in services in the Valencia City area causing timetable changes and a reduction in trains, leading to overcrowding in carriages.

“Having a railway network in optimal operating condition and frequency is essential to be able to guarantee quality public transport in any region, and the Valencian Community is no exception in this regard,” the organisation said.

“This is not a specific problem, but rather a widespread phenomenon,” it added.

The group referred to a Royal Decree passed in 2004 over regulating the country’s railway network which established the right of rail passengers to get a good and timely service.

“The Constitution enshrines the principle of Spaniards to travel throughout the country which must be guaranteed through the adequate and efficient functioning of public transport,” the statement continued.

FACUA is urging travellers affected by delays and cancellations to contact them so that ‘appropriate action’ can be taken to defend their rights.

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