Restoration work scheduled for only three of Estepona’s seven disappearing beaches ahead of summer season in Spain

ESTEPONA town hall has complained to the government about its lack of action to fix up several key beaches before the busy summer season begins in full.

Despite significant erosion from winter storms that brought heavy rain and strong waves, the central government has only approved restoration for only three of the seven beaches needing urgent repair.

The approved regeneration efforts will address the beaches at Padron, Cabo Bermejo, and El Cristo, but la Rada, the main beach, is not thought to be one of them.

These efforts are intended to smooth steep beachfronts, restore eroded areas, and remove excessive debris and rocks. 

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Estepona beach

However, with only partial approval for the necessary works, Estepona’s local officials have commenced their own preparations for the upcoming tourist season. 

They include cleaning, sand sifting, and enhancing beach facilities to improve the overall visitor experience.

In March, Estepona’s municipal beach department submitted a detailed report to the national Coastal Authority outlining the impact of seasonal weather patterns on the beaches. 

The cycle of beaches typically losing sand during the winter but regaining it in the summer has been hampered, leading to a loss of the sandy beaches. 

The report also noted the effect of the Sierra de Estepona’s terrain, which causes streams and rivers to turn into torrents during rains, further harming the beaches.

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