Revealed: How a British school in Spain received a ‘bomb threat email’ which sparked closures nationwide

THE British School of Villarreal in Castellon province has confirmed that it was one of several international schools in Spain that received an email threatening a bomb attack on Monday.

The email appeared on Monday morning at the start of classes at Villarreal and the police were notified.

“Lessons continued as normal,” said Ana Exposito from the British School, “ while the Policia Nacional carried out checks.”

Families were informed about the situation to ensure they were calm and that they knew that everything was under control.

The Provincial Commissariat of the Policia Nacional is running the investigation locally.

The email was received by other Spanish international schools, alerting them to the presence of explosives- a threat that is being investigated at a national level.

Last week other international schools received this same email which also turned out to be hoax bomb warning.

Some schools were checked out by police sniffer dogs and three British run colleges in the Madrid area were also threatened.

A total of 18 schools- mainly British and French- in Pontevedra, Tenerife, Zaragoza, Reus, Tarragona, Villarreal, and Castellon received threats on Monday,

One school said that the email gave no reason behind the bomb warning.

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