Revealed: How a narco gang in Murcia sent marijuana from Spain to the UK by hiding the drug inside fridges

A MURCIA gang exported large quantities of marijuana to the UK hidden in refrigerated lorries full of vegetables.

Six Spaniards have been arrested in a joint operation by the Guardia Civil and Policia Nacional.

Inquiries started last October into the criminal organisation that operated several marijuana plantations in Cartagena and Murcia to supply the narcotics to overseas buyers.


SEIZED PLANTS(Guardia Civil image)

The group used large refrigerated trucks heading for the UK containing locally-grown vegetables, but also carrying significant amounts of perfectly vacuum-packed marijuana hidden inside the crates.

Six homes and warehouses in Cartagena, Fortuna, and Murcia were raided in March.

Police found 376 kilos of marijuana buds inside several lorries in Murcia and Navarre.

Over 600 marijuana plants were removed from the farms, along with various amounts of hashish, and six vehicles used by the gang.

The arrested group have been charged with drug trafficking, the illegal use of electricity, and belonging to a criminal organisation.

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