REVEALED: Spain now has the world’s most POWERFUL passport

SPAIN is now home to the world’s most powerful passport, according to the latest World Passport Index. 

It has beaten 198 other passports to come out on top in the VisaGuide. World Passport Index, released on December 1. 

Spaniards have passport-free access to some 43 countries, with another 106 allowing visa-free access to Spanish nationals. 

Some 11 countries grant Spanish passport holders entry with an eTA, or travel authorisation. 

Another 30 allow Spaniards to enter with a visa on arrival, 18 allow traditional visas and a further 18 allow eVisas.

This year, the country rose two places in the ranking after China removed visa restrictions for six countries including Spain. 

Singapore comes in second, with visa-free access to 156 locations. 

It is followed by Germany, with passport-free access to 43 countries and visa-free access to some 106. 

However, unlike Spain, Germans need an eTA to visit 11 countries, a visa on arrival in 29, an eVisa in 19 and a traditional visa in 18. 

The UK ranks 28th in the list, with visa-free access to 143 countries. 

Brits can access nine with an eTA, 33 with a visa on arrival, 20 with an eVisa and 23 with a traditional version. 

It is the fourth strongest passport outside of the EU and Schengen zone, after Singapore, Japan and South Korea.


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