Revealed: The most popular cities in Spain for British digital nomads

BRITISH digital nomads rate Spain, and especially the Valencian Community, as their favourite country for remote working.

A study of 400 UK professionals carried out by global payments platform Nebeus saw 23% of them gave Spain as their first option, followed by the United States on 19% and France with 13%.

Within the Spanish ratings, Barcelona was the most popular city, followed by Valencia with Alicante and Madrid sharing third place.

They were followed by Palma de Mallorca, Malaga, and Sevilla.

The study, based on 10 questions, also allows conclusions to be drawn regarding the typical characteristics of a British nomadic worker who would choose a city like Alicante or Valencia as a base.

The profile would be that of a man between 45 and 50 years old, who already lived in a city and worked in the transport and distribution sector, according to the study.

The survey revealed that 53% of British professionals would be willing to move to Spain if they had the opportunity to do so without changing jobs, compared to 33% who would not, and 14% who did not know.

There are other factors that motivated respondents to choose Spain as their favourite place to work remotely, led by a better quality of life on 46%.

Other key reasons included saving money (19%)and an attractive culture and way of living (12%).

And other positives for respondents, although less relevant, would be job opportunities (7%) and tax incentives (4%).

The study also showed that 89% of British professionals are unaware of the existence of the work visa offered by Spain for digital nomads.

Despite this lack of knowledge, 56% showed an interest in getting one, compared to 33% who would not consider it.

In addition, 29% of Brits surveyed think that their purchasing power would be greater in Spain than in the United Kingdom, but the majority, 38%, said they were not sure.


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