REVEALED: UK has Covid rates SEVENTEEN times higher than Spain but travel restrictions remain

THE UNITED KINGDOM currently has Covid-19 infection rates SEVENTEEN times higher than Spain.

Despite this, travel restrictions between the two countries imply that travelling from Spain to the UK poses more of a threat to health than a journey the other way.

Passengers that are ‘doubled-jabbed’ with one of the approved Coronavirus vaccines still have to complete the overly-complex Passenger Locator Form (PLF) no sooner than 48 hours before leaving Spain.

Every step of the above procedure needs to be carefully and methodically done online with over 20 pages of information to enter, meaning it can be difficult for travellers less familiar with computer technology.

Additionally, a ‘2 Day Test’ has to be booked and paid for, with proof of that annotated on the PLF.

Whereas, leaving the United Kingdom for Spain, travellers need only prove they’re double-jabbed or have had a negative Covid test within 14 days of the journey starting.

The cold statistics of the pandemic, sourced from independent news agency Reuters, show that Spain is an incredibly safe country for Covid-19 infections when compared with the UK.

Spain United Kingdom
Population (in 2020) 47.35m 67.22m
Infections per 100,000 people 28 484
Total infections 4.997m 8.69m
Percentage of population 10.5% 12.9%
Deaths 87,132 139,326
Percentage of population 0.18% 0.2%
Vaccinations (first & second) 71.23m 95.01m
Percentage of population 75.7% 71.1%
Data accurate on Oct 23, 2021

The Olive Press spoke exclusively with a number of influential people in Spain, all of which are approached by British expats for advice and clarification on many cross-border travel issues.

Darren Parmenter, is Councillor for International Relations at San Fulgencio Town Council on the Costa Blanca.

He said, “In view of the worrying and increasing number of COVID-19 cases being reported in the UK, affecting both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, it would not be a shock or surprise to me if Spain considered stopping UK nationals from entering until those numbers are significantly reduced.”

Coincidentally, Morocco banned all flights to and from the UK, citing Covid-rates as the reason.

Parmenter continued, “Although one death is too many, Spain has recorded only 73 deaths in the past seven days (according to official figures) compared to 947 in the UK, and just over 11,000 new cases in the same seven day period in Spain compared to approximately 300,000 for the UK.”

Derek Monks is Councillor for Education, Health and the Environment at Rojales, which includes the popular expat town of Ciudad Quesada.

He said, “I believe that the density of the population in the UK compared to Spain is one factor, the other is the British reluctance to be bossed around by the State in terms of freedom of movement.”

He commented: “My perception is that masks seem to have been less used in the UK, and we see this on TV. These two issues possibly are the main reason for the difference.”

Moira Carmenate, owner of the Expat Centre in Ciudad Quesada, questioned how the Covid statistics are interpreted by those publishing them.

She said, “I am always dubious about statistics in the UK and in Spain depending on which Government body has quoted them. After all the Brexit issues, you are never sure where the truth lies.”

She admitted: “I have a trip booked to the UK and if it wasn’t that I, like most of us, want to see family and friends, I wouldn’t go.”

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