Riddle of dismembered corpse found at waste treatment plant in Spain’s Valencia

WORKERS at a Valencia waste treatment plant were shocked to discover a dismembered body amongst the rubbish during their shift on Tuesday.

The gruesome find led to work at the Algimia d’Alfara plant being suspended as the Guardia Civil began investigations to identify the body and where it came from.

The corpse was in such a mutiliated state that it was impossible to determine whether it was male or female.

A judge and duty coroner supervised the removal of the remains that were taken to the the Institute of Legal Medicine of Valencia.

An autopsy is being carried out to determine the cause of death and provide important leads to Guardia investigators.

The Algimia plant receives garbage from more than a hundred municipalities in Castellon and Valencia provinces.

It has an automated system of extracting bulky waste to classify, recycle and recover it, which is when the workers spotted the body.

The large amount of rubbish that is recycled at the plant makes it difficult to track where any waste originally comes from, making life harder for the Guardia Civil in the event that the body cannot be identified.

Photographs were taken of some rubbish next to the body to possibly locate where the garbage was originally collected.


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