Robber saved by police after clinging onto top floor window railing with one hand in Spain’s Murcia

A ROBBER needed police help after trying to escape their clutches in a Murcia region apartment block.

The man got himself into a tangle at the El Palmar building after climbing the wall with officers offering a rescuing hand that he had no choice but to gratefully accept.

The Policia Nacional were called after reports of a theft in the block and when noticing the police presence, the criminal kicked down the front door of a flat.

The property owner and his young son hid under a table until officers arrived and noticed the intruder had escaped through the window.

He scrambled from the small second floor balcony onto the third floor and broke the window to get inside a top floor home.

Police arrived to catch him and but decided on yet another escape but picked a window that had no balcony and since he was on the top floor, there was nowhere else for him to go, except to experience a possibly fatal fall to the ground.

The robber clung onto the window railing with one hand as officers grabbed him and pulled him back inside the home.

He’s been hit with an array of charges including robbery with force, breaking and entering, and resisting and disobeying a police officer.

The detainee has numerous police records for different types of crimes.

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