Robbers who stole Rolex watch from elderly man on Mallorca street in Spain are caught by police

TWO members of a Mallorca robbery gang have been arrested by the Policia Nacional in Palma and Barcelona, with a third person still at large.

The group were described as ‘dangerous’ with their crimes including the theft of a Rolex watch valued at €10,000 from a man in his seventies who was walking on Palma’s Paseo Maritimo.

They specialised in targeting elderly people with one of the gang members driving a rental car while the other two looked for potential victims.

The men followed their target until they could strike at an ideal moment to rob them so that they could flee safely from the crime scene without being caught by the police.

Police inquiries revealed the trio were also behind five robberies in car rental businesses, service stations, and shops.

The two men in custody, aged 44 and 51, have been charged with committing violent robberies.

A search is still continuing for the duo’s missing colleague.

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