Rosalía slams fellow singer from Spain after he shared a fake topless photo of her

SPANISH singing superstar Rosalia has slammed a fellow artist’s attempts to attract attention after he shared a faked topless photo of her on Instagram. Far from apologising for his actions, JC Reyes instead celebrated becoming a ‘trending topic’ on social media. 

The image in question was shared by the 26-year-old singer JC Reyes, who is from Seville, on Monday evening via an Instagram story – a temporary publication that disappears after a set amount of time. 

He also boasted to his 255,000 or so followers on the image-sharing site that he had had some kind of relationship with the 30-year-old Rosalia, who has shot to international fame in recent years thanks to singles such as Saoko and Chicken Teriyaki.  

The publication of the image caused a swift backlash, and prompted Reyes to admit that he had faked the photo using Photoshop himself. 

He also took the opportunity to plug his next record. “Wait for my upcoming single, it’s called Rosalia,” he wrote via social media. 

The Catalan singer soon responded to the actions of JC Reyes. 

“Looking for clout by disrespecting and sexualising someone is a kind of violence and is disgusting but doing it to get 4 plays [of a record] is pitiful,” she said via Twitter on Tuesday. 

Despite his defiant attitude, JC Reyes ended up deleting all of the controversial content. But according to Spanish daily El Pais, it has all been screenshotted and was circulating this week on social media. 

According to press reports, JC Reyes could be facing a fine for sharing a fake nude photo of someone. Had the image been real, he could have faced one to three years in jail as well as a fine.

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