Sacaba beach in Spain’s Malaga reopens to bathing after nasty sewage spill

MALAGA City Council Department of Beaches and Harbours has reopened Sacaba beach for bathing after a four-day sewage discharge.

The beach was closed last Tuesday, July 5, as a preventative measure following the discharge of sewage into the sea and surrounding area caused by the rupture of a pipe during some construction work in the area.

The latest analyses of the sea water carried out by Malaga coastal authority has yielded parameters suitable for bathing—despite the fact that the waste water of some 22,000 residents spilled into the area for four days.

The broken sewage pipe was finally fixed last Friday afternoon by the same construction company that caused the initial damage to the pipeline.

According to the municipal water company, Emasa, the wastewater pumping system to the Guadalhorce treatment plant is now working properly, however, the repair will continue to be monitored by technicians and it’s most likely that another inspection on the repaired pipeline will take place at the end of the bathing season.

For now the green flag, indicating that it’s safe to swim, is once again flying in the area between the breakwater of La Termica and the mouth of the Guadalhorce.


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