Sacked Malaga worker assaults and kidnaps boss before driving him for hours to Spain’s Benidorm area

A SACKED Malaga farm worker assaulted his boss and forced him to go on a 500 kilometre car journey to the Benidorm area.

The victim, who was seriously injured, escaped outside Villajoyosa by driving off in the car, courtesy of a spare key.

A 30-year-old man has been arrested by the Policia Nacional.

The bizarre journey started from Canillas de Aceituno after the business owner fired the employee.

The worker asked his ex-boss to do him a favour by giving him a lift home because he had brought a heavy chainsaw with him.

The employer obliged as a final courtesy but the short trip took a violent twist as the dismissed labourer asked him to stop his car and then attacked him before gaining control of the vehicle.

The victim suffered substantial bruising and was in a semi-conscious state as his car started its long unscheduled journey north.

What the final destination was intended to be has not been clarified, but close to Villajoyosa in Alicante province, the kidnapper asked his captive to give him cash to refuel the car and to buy a bottle of water at a service station.

Because it was the victim’s car, he had a spare key in the glove compartment, and as his assailant went outside, he drove off to Benidorm where he requested help at another petrol station.

Police and ambulance teams arrived to help the man who had a bruised and bloodied face.

He told officers everything that had happened and gave the location of where he drove off from the kidnapper.

The farm labourer was quickly found and assaulted one of the police officers during his arrest.

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