San Juan celebrations turn deadly in Spain: Two people are shot dead in Girona while a third has his throat slit in Barcelona

THE San Juan festivities turned into a night of mayhem in Catalunya as a man had his throat slit in the street in Barcelona.

A 26-year-old Colombian man was killed in the seaside neighbourhood of Barceloneta – where the San Juan celebrations are most raucous – at 4am in the morning.

A nearby Guardia Urbana patrol arrested the suspect, reported to be Algerian, almost immediately after hearing the reported crime on their radio.

Reports suggest that the suspect approached a group of Colombian men from behind on the busy Carrer Joan de Borbo.

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Mossos D'esquadra Wikimedia Commons
Three people were killed in a night of mayhem during San Juan in Catalunya

According to reports, the suspect, without saying a word, slit the victim’s throat in front of his friends.

It is unknown what provoked such a brutal act but it is thought that the two men had been involved in some kind of dispute.

When the police caught the suspect it was reported he was still covered in the victim’s blood.

Meanwhile, a fight broke out between rival clans in Girona 80km away that resulted in a 44-year-old woman and a 48-year-old man dying from gunshot wounds.

The large-scale brawl ended with several car crashes and a wild west-style shoot out in the streets.

Two others were rushed to Trueta Hospital where a large police deployment had to be made to prevent the gangs from bringing the violence there.

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