Santander Bank computer error in Spain causes ‘double-charging’ of customers who are reassured that their balances have not been altered

A COMPUTER glitch has been blamed for causing Banco Santander customers in Spain to be double charged for transactions on Friday morning.

The bank confirmed that it suffered ‘an incident’ in its computer network but no figure has been over the number of clients hit by the error.

Santander has denied it is a cyberattack which if it was the case, would have to be reported to financial watchdogs, and if it didn’t, it would be liable to a massive fine.

Since the early hours of Friday, several people have complained about the situation on social media.

“I’ve made a transfer and a Bizum tomorrow, and it’s listed in duplicate,” one person said.

“Receipts are charged twice to the account (…), accessed both from the app and from the web,” another said.

From at least 8:00 am there have been complaints and responses from the bank which offers the same explanation: “Our teams are working to solve the incident. This is just a display error. Your account balance is correct.”

“As soon as it is corrected we will notify you,” it added.

Sources at the bank confirmed to the El Pais newspaper that the computer error does not affect customer balances and expect the problem be resolved ‘shortly’.


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