SCORCHIO: Weather warnings issued across Spain as mercury soars

SPAIN’S weather agency AEMET has issued weather warnings in many parts of the country with some places reaching temperatures of 42ºC.

Red alerts are in place in parts of Aragon in northeastern Spain while a more than a dozen other provinces are on amber alert.

By Friday afternoon (July 23) temperatures will hit their peak, with some places in Malaga hitting 40ºC, and in Valencia as high as 42ºC .

On Saturday (July24), the warm weather continues to creep up in Malaga to 41ºC , and similarly in Murcia where it could reach 42ºC.

Those in Cadiz and Almeria should enjoy a slightly cooler weekend, with temperatures staying below 30ºC.

Temperatures are sitting in the low 30’s for the Balearic’s this weekend too, though in some parts of Mallorca, it could hit 39ºC.

The warmest time of day will be between 2pm and 8pm, dropping to a more pleasant temperature in the evening. 

By Sunday (July 25) temperatures will drop slightly, though some parts of the Costa del Sol could still reach the low 30s.


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