Sevilla woman slapped with fine and restraining order after shocking campaign of abuse against ex’s girlfriend

A WOMAN has been ordered to pay €1,500 to a love rival after a campaign of abuse that included spreading online videos calling her a ‘fat woman with a wrinkly face’ while making lewd gestures.

The defendant is alleged to have mercilessly targeted the new girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend from the end of 2020 – and continued after they broke up in August 2021.

The victim even thought she would lose her job after her tormentor said she had told her bosses in Madrid and Barcelona she had seen her drinking beer during working hours.

The campaign of abuse came with a litany of insults and slander during conversation with her ex-partner during phone calls – ostensibly about their shared children – while she knew the girlfriend was listening.

According to the court, some of in insults included ‘a Spanish s***, dirty, son of a b****, disgusting and b****.’ 

The victim eventually broke up with her boyfriend due to the abuse from his ex, wrongly believing it would help save her job and alleviate her anxiety.

The initial ruling had been handed out by the Sevilla court in July, but it was upheld on appeal this week and included a six-month restraining order.

In her appeal, the defendant’s defence questioned ‘the judge’s assessment of the evidence’ and discussed the credibility of the victim.

She also pointed out an alleged ‘shortage of audiovisual evidence’ and the ‘little value of the testimony provided by the complainant.’

However, a friend and coworker who witnessed the harassing calls and messages corroborated the victim’s account in court. 

The witness assured the court that in phone and video calls the defendant would say repeatedly that ‘she was going to go to get fired and she would have to go sell potatoes with her father.”

This, coupled with a police report analysing a video capture provided by the victim, led the court to dismiss the appeal and fully uphold the initial sentence.


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