Sex pest who routinely harassed waitresses is arrested in Spain’s Valencia

VALENCIA police have arrested a man five times in less than two months for harassing waitresses at two city centre restaurants.

The 44-year-old pest also ignored a restraining order imposed by a judge to protect the victims.

The pest was first arrested for bothering two employees at the Maria Mandiles restaurant on Calle Padre Huerfanos.

One of the workers told police that she suffered regular harassment from the man who also bothered staff at the Maria Mandiles outlet on the Plaza de Manises.

His behaviour included making sexual innuendos and defiant stares to the waitresses and even proposed marriage to two of the women that he verbally abused.

The man resorted to sending emails to the waitresses over the proposals saying that he would not stop pursuing them until ‘he got them’.

He flouted the restraining order on numerous occasions- the last transgression being on Thursday at Plaza de Manises.

The situation has got so bad that staff have altered their shifts to avoid seeing him.

The initial order saw him banned from being within 300 metres of the two restaurants, coupled with a €1,800 fine after getting convicted of coercion.

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