Shell shocked: British couple’s ‘perfect day’ in Spain ‘is ruined’ after being charged €137 ‘for five king prawns’

A BRITISH couple were flabbergasted when a restaurant in the Canary Islands charged them a staggering €137 for a plate of five king prawns.

Dean Cadywould, 55, and his wife Kerry, 47, decided to break with their usual routine and try out a new restaurant for a change after ten years of visiting Playa Blanca in Lanzarote.

The picturesque, seafront Casa Pedro looked like a good bet, and the couple were pleased when the waiter told them they had prawns on the menu – ‘Kerry’s favourite.’

But the horrified couple declared the rip-off shellfish, coming in at €25 a pop, ‘ruined’ what had been a ‘perfect’ day.

He took to social media to share his horror at the €137 bill for just the one dish, plus a few potatoes.

“Wow, I’m furious,” he raged. “Kerry and I went to Casa Pedro for a meal tonight.

Dean Cadywould, 55, and wife Kerry, 47, were horrified to be hit with a €137 bill for five king prawns while on holiday in Lanzarote. Credit: Facebook

“Their special was king prawns… they dished up five king prawns between us with a portion of canarian potatoes… €125 just for that!!

“We’d had such an amazing day and now it’s completely ruined.”

Their frustration was echoed by several Tripadvisor reviews, with one diner warning others of the restaurant’s ‘SUPER expensive’ charges for ‘not even mediocre food’, and another recounting a disappointing experience with an ‘awful’ fish platter. 

Upset British tourists seem to make a habit of being hit with extortionate bills in tourist trap restaurants around Europe.

One couple in Greece was charged €800 for two drinks, four crab legs, and a salad at a restaurant in Mykonos.

Meanwhile, another British tourist in Italy was charged €526 for lunch for three people at a restaurant in Venice.


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