Shocking job offer in Spain goes viral for ‘disgusting’ demands on potential employee

THE internet is desperate to find out the identity of the business owner offering ’shocking’ working conditions with a recent viral job ad.

It’s not strange that young people in Spain might be looking for some work over the summer – a lot of people are desperate to make some money after the pandemic hit the job market hard over the last 18months. 

But, this bar owner is basically looking for someone who has no social life or personal aspirations, and who can give up everything for belong average pay to serve as a waiter. 

The employer – who went viral after the WhatsApp correspondence with a wannabe worker was posted to social media – has not been named.

They said the successful candidate will work ‘part-time’ but be required to serve 12 hours a day. 

Plus, the pay is a far from decent €500 a month, with the employee expected to work six days a week. 

Horrified jobseeker @soycamarero uploaded a screenshot of a conversation with the caption: ‘Is there a competition for exploiters? Here is one who wants to register’. 

The text conversation begins: “Hello, he gave me your number and he told me that you were looking for a waiter. I am looking for a job and I would like to know a little about the hours, conditions and others. Greetings!”. 

The employer responds: “Good morning … the conditions are 12h / 6 days a week 500 euros a month and you have to register as a self-employed person and the tips are half “. 

Shocked, the jobseeker replied:  “12 hours a day?”

But the bar owner is firm: “Yes, part-time, no overtime.” 

Finally the job seeker rejects the shameful offer, writing: “No thanks, I’m not interested.”

After the job ad was posted to Twitter, it unsurprisingly got emotions running high.

“Whoever it is, they don’t need a waiter, they need a superhuman,” one person wrote. 

Another added: “Who is this? Some bosses will do anything to take advantage of poor people. This is shocking.” 

A third replied: “Disgusting”.


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