Shop robber arrested on over 100 occasions finally gets jailed in Spain’s Valencia

A serial shop robber operating in Valencia City has finally been jailed after notching up over 100 arrests.

The 45-year-old Spaniard at one stage racked up 12 arrests in the same month but kept getting bailed.

The Policia Nacional launched an investigation after a fresh wave of shop robberies in the downtown area of Valencia.

The probe suspected that the same man was behind the crimes involving the theft of items from businesses as well as money from cash tills.

He resorted to violent threats brandishing a knife in the face of shop workers.

The man also broke into premises when they were shut.

Officers confirmed the identity of the serial offender after security camera footage showed him smashing a shop window and then stealing €1,180 from the cash register.

With an extensive arrest record to pour over, the man was detained in mid-February, but his luck ran out when a judge denied him bail over the likely fear that he would rob again.


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