Single robber behind wave of e-scooter thefts in Costa Blanca area of Spain

POLICE in Alicante have bagged a 30-year-old man responsible for a wave of e-scooter thefts around the city.

The Policia Nacional collared him for 13 scooter robberies but believe he was behind at least six more, but there’s no video evidence to link him to the additional thefts.

The value of the stolen scooters is €11,694 with the man plundering Alicante shopping centres and gym car parks as well as outside restaurants on San Juan beach.

Most of the scooters in the two month robbery spree had been chained but he used pliers to break them.

The scooters were then quickly sold to get quick cash to buy drugs.

The man was assisted by a 54-year-old woman who accompanied him to five of his thefts and acted as a look-out.

She told police that she did not steal anything and shopped her friend by reporting his drug habits to officers.

He’s also charged with robbing a car where he took a credit card and also stealing from a hotel.

A court sent him to prison ahead of his trial but freed his female accomplice.

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