Six tonnes of coffee seized in drugs smuggling operation is donated to needy people in Spain’s Murcia

THE Policia Nacional have donated six tonnes of Columbian coffee seized during a drugs bust to a Murcia City food bank.

137 kilos of marijuana with a market value of €2.5 million were placed among the coffee containers with the Netherlands as a final destination.

Six British nationals were arrested in a joint operation with UK authorities, with investigations still continuing in Spain and the UK.

No further details about the detentions were given including where they happened.

Murcia’s Policia Nacional chief, Ignacio del Olmo, said: “The marijuana came from Columbia and was hidden amongst the coffee to hinder the work of sniffer dogs, as well declaring it illegally as a foodstuff.”

He also praised the cooperation with the UK National Crime Agency.

Del Olmo and the government delegate for Murcia, Caridad Rives, handed over the large coffee stash to the Banco de Alimentos de Segura and its president, Jose Garcia Galbis Marin.

The coffee will be distributed to needy local people with some of it being sent out to Ukraine.

“This is a premium product which is really good for us,” said Galbis Marin.

“We normally send out basic food items which does not normally include coffee because it is so expensive,” he added.


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