Skiing on a budget? These are the cheapest slopes in Spain with passes as low as €15

SPAIN is full of opportunities to ski, from the cold north to the sunny south. 

Locals love to take weekend breaks to slopes near Madrid, Granada and Barcelona or to escape to the beautiful Val d’Aran, Cerdanya or Pyrenees. 

This year, Candanchú, Aragon, was named the best ski destination in the country yet again, but with passes as low as €15, which is the cheapest? 

Lietareigos, Leon 

The resort is situated in a beautiful nature reserve. Photo: Lietareigos Facebook

At 2000 metres altitude in the Cueto de Arbás nature reserve is Lietareigos Ski Resort. 

The area is home to 8km of skiable tracks, including 13 slopes, a snow park and cross country routes. 

You can reach up to 1800m altitude on one of the resort’s eight ski lifts.

Prices start at just €15 for adults and €12 for children during the low season.

Passes rise to €22 for adults and just €16 for children in the high season. 

Tavascan, Lleida

Just two hours from Barcelona, Lleida is home to beautiful mountain ranges. You can ski to your heart’s content at Tavascan, with 5km of skiable land including seven slopes with up to a 500 metre incline. 

Rates start at just €22 for adults and €16 for children. 

Fuentes de Invierno, Asturias

Photo: Asociación Turística de Estaciones de Esquí y Montaña/ Facebook

Great for a long getaway, Fuentes de Invierno is surrounded by stunning countryside with a rich artistic and cultural heritage. 

The ski resort itself has 8.7km of runs divided by skill level, alongside four ski lifts and a magic carpet. 

Prices start at just €17 for children and €21 for adults during the low season, compared to €27 for adults and €22 for children during the high season. 

Manzaneda, Ourense

Photo: Estación De Montaña Manzaneda/Facebook

The only ski resort in Galicia, Manzaneda is found on its namesake mountain, La Montana de Manzaneda. 

It is home to 23 alpine ski slopes alongside opportunities for snowshoeing (hiking with snow boots) and tobogganing. 

To spend a day enjoying winter sports surrounded by beautiful mountains, you can expect to pay €27 for adults and €22 for kids in the high season. 

Alternatively, visit in the low season to pay just €22 for adults and €17 for kids. 

San Isidro, Leon

Another affordable ski destination in Cantabria, San Isidro is near the region’s border with Asturias. 

The ski resort has a whopping 34 kilometres of skiing available divided into four areas known as Salencias, Requejines, Riopinos and Cebolledo. 

There are 31 alpine slopes and four cross country slopes, giving the resort a total of 3.5 km of ski routes. 

On the pricier side, an adult pass costs €30 in the high season while a children’s pass is €26. In the low season, a child’s pass costs just €18, compared with €22 for adults. 

La Covatilla, Salamanca

In the Sierra de Bejar, this ski resort is known for its wide slopes and smooth descents. 

It has 19 different slopes offering 29km of adventure for both skiers and snowboarders. 

It also has four ski lifts, as well as facilities for tobogganing, shops and restaurants. 

This resort is recommended for beginner and intermediate skiers.

It costs between €18-29, with prices starting at €18 for children and €20 for adults during the low season. 

Rates rise to €29 for adults and €20 for children in the high season. 

Valdezcaray, La Rioja

Photo: Asociación Turística de Estaciones de Esquí y Montaña/ Facebook

La Rioja may be known for its wines, but did you know it also has great ski resorts? 

This resort in the Sierra de la Demanda has 26 slopes, including two cross country routes situated around the San Lorenzo mountain. 

During the low season, prices start at just €19 for children and €22.50 for adults. 

In comparison, high season passes cost €20 for children and €29 for adults. 

Punto de Nieve Santa Inés, Soria

This small resort is often overlooked, hidden between the Sierra de Cebollera and Urbión. 

However, Punto de Nieve Santa Inés has a lot to offer, especially for cross country enthusiasts as it has 16km of cross country routes. 

These are accompanied by 1.8km of alpine skiing, restaurants, rental opportunities, organised trips up the mountain and skiing lessons. 

Punto de Nieve is also purse friendly with passes at just €20. 

Valgrande-Pajares, Asturias

The resort’s magic carpet is great for beginners. Photo: Camposki/Facebook

One of Cantabria’s main skiing destinations, Valgrande is in the charming countryside of Lena, with connections to the region’s main urban areas, Asturias and Leon. 

The resort has 30.9km of runs, eight ski lifts, and a magic carpet to practice on. There are two main courses, a ‘snow park’, two competition stadiums, a cross country ski slope and a sledging area. 

In the low season, passes cost just €23 for an adult and €21 for a child. In the high season, prices come in at €29 for adults and €25 for kids, making Valgrande a budget friendly option.


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